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So you’ve seen friends on Facebook posting about Rodan + Fields products. But once you find out the price, it might seem pretty expensive. Of course, that depends on what you were using before. Compared to drug store brands, yes, it definitely costs more. But if you are already using premium skin care brands from places likes Sephora and Nordstrom, them the prices will seem pretty comparable.What some people may not know is that very few customers actually pay full price for the products. Almost everyone gets them at a discount! Rodan + Fields offers a Preferred Customer (PC) program that provides discounts on products, free shipping, and other benefits.
What are the Rodan + Fields PC perks?
As a preferred customer, you get a 10% discount on products and free shipping on qualified orders.

You also sometimes get access to new products and offers before they are available to retail customers.

Since most regimens and products are a 60-day supply, then you will be set up to have your order replenished every 2 months. However, this is flexible and can be easily updated and/or delayed. Think similar to Blue Apron or Dollar Shave Club.
How do I become a PC?
Place an initial order of at least $80 and select that you would like to enroll as a preferred customer at checkout.

You can also to enroll as a preferred customer and place your initial order.

There is a one-time fee of $19.95 that is non-refundable.
What orders qualify for the discount and free shipping?
Any order totalling at least $80 will qualify. This can be either a regularly scheduled replenishment order or an ad-hoc order that you place any time.
How do I place an ad-hoc order?
Sign in to your Rodan + Fields customer account and place whatever products you want in your cart. You will always qualify for the 10% product discount.

Once your order is ready, just go ahead and checkout.

Remember that your order needs to be at least $80 to qualify for free shipping, otherwise, you will be charged a shipping fee.
Can I change the products in my replenishment order?
Yes, you can change the products in your replenishment order up to one day before the scheduled shipping date.

The total will need to equal at least $80 to save any changes made.

Log in to your Rodan + Fields account and go to My Account > Edit Order. Then scroll down and click the black Edit Order button. Add or Remove items and then click the Update Order button.
How can I tell when my next replenishment order will ship?
Log in to your Rodan + Fields account and go to My Account > Edit Order. Right above the shipping and billing addresses, there will be text explaining when your next replenishment order will ship and when the last day to make changes to it is.

You will also receive an email from Rodan + Fields about 5 days before your replenishment order is scheduled to be processed. That should give you plenty of time to update it or skip it.
Can I change or delay the date of my replenishment order?
Yes, you can log in to your account online and delay your replenishment order by 30 or 60 days at a time. Changes can be made up to one day before the scheduled shipment.

You can actually do this multiple times in a row, so you could technically delay your replenishment for 6 months if you really wanted to.

Need product sooner? Unfortunately, you can’t move your replenishment shipment to a sooner date online, but you can call the PC Perks number (1-877-737-5773) to have it processed whenever you want.

Another option would be to just place an ad-hoc order and then skip your replenishment order further out.

Technically, you could even perpetually skip your replenishment order, never letting it process automatically, and just place ad-hoc orders whenever you need to.

To delay your order, log in to your Rodan + Fields account and go to My Account > Change my PC Perks Status. Click on “Delay Next Ship Date”. Then choose from the 2 options (30 days or 60 days) and click the Confirm Date Change button to finalize it.
How easy is it to cancel my account?
It’s super easy. You can do it yourself online.

There is absolutely no need to call anyone to get your account cancelled. So that means no awkward conversations on the phone and no arguing with someone who is trying to persuade you to keep your account open.

You are in full control and the cancellation takes effect immediately.

To cancel your preferred customer account, log in to your Rodan + Fields account and go to My Account > Change my PC Perks Status.

Once you have cancelled your account, you will no longer receive any replenishment orders or qualify for discounts or free shipping. However, you can re-enroll as a preferred customer again if you want to later on.
How does the return policy apply to PC orders?
Any product that you order and receive from Rodan + Fields can be returned within 60 days for a full refund of the product price.

It doesn’t matter if you opened the product and used everything in it. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, then it can be returned.

A return shipping charge may apply. However, sometimes that gets waived if you are returning a product because it arrived damaged.
Can I order from a different Rodan + Fields consultant?
When you create your Preferred Customer account, it is attached to the original consultant who you signed up through. That can’t be changed immediately.

If you wish to order from a different consultant, then you must cancel your current PC account and wait 30 days before enrolling through the other consultant’s website. You will have to pay the $19.95 enrollment fee all over again to do that.
Can I become a Rodan + Fields consultant if I am already a Preferred Customer?
Yes. You will need to cancel your preferred customer account and then enroll for the business with the same consultant.

If you want to enroll in the business through a different consultant, then you will need to wait 90 days after cancelling your PC perks account.
Is the Preferred Customer program worth it?
If you plan on ordering exactly $90 worth of product (at retail price), then you will save $1 by placing that order as a preferred customer and paying the one-time fee. Then every order after that, you will get 10% off products and also free shipping every on every $80+ order.

Even if you want to try a product once and then never order it again, you will at least be breaking even, if not coming out ahead by ordering as a preferred customer. And since you can cancel any time, there is no risk.

Basically, if you are buying any regimen or Lash Boost, then you will absolutely save money by placing your order as a preferred customer. That’s even if you never order again and cancel your account right away.

However, if you only want one lower-priced item and don’t think you will try anything else or reorder it for a while, then it may make more sense to just place a regular retail order.

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