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Lipsense Alternative: A Lip Ink Review

Back when Lipsense was having massive problems keeping their inventory in stock, I decided to look around for some alternatives. I really liked Lipsense, but what good was it if I couldn’t actually get the colors and glosses that I wanted? Never mind the chapstick and the lip plumper that were never in stock either.

So I went on a quest to see if there was anything else out there like it. Now there are a whole lot of “long-lasting” lip colors that were easy to find, both at drugstores and Sephora. But nothing seemed to come close to rivaling Lipsense.

That is, until I finally found Lip Ink.

It is so similar. You know how Lipsense requires you to have a lip color, a gloss and an Oops remover? Well Lip Ink requires a lip color, moisturizer and an Off remover. So you need the same 3 basic products to make everything work and have a good experience.

Now I was highly skeptical of Lip Ink, so I tried out their Trial Kit for $19. That is something that Lipsense does not offer, so I was really happy to see this option rather than spending $55 just to see if it worked.

So does Lip Ink work?

Heck yes it does! I was thrilled with my trial kit and promptly ordered the full-size products.

The color lasted all day and did not smear or budge at all. I tried the smudge test with my finger, rubbing it all over my lips and nothing came off. I ate ice cream and no color rubbed off on the spoon. And of course, I ate lots of other things over the day and my lip color was still flawless by the time I was taking my makeup off before going to bed.

The crazy thing is Lip Ink actually felt so much more comfortable to wear. The lip color isn’t nearly as drying as Lipsense is, so it doesn’t make your lips stick together if they happen to touch before you put the moisturizer on.

The moisturizer isn’t too thick and it actually soaks into your lips instead of just sitting on top of them. I felt like it kept my lips plenty moisturized and I only needed to reapply it a couple of times throughout the day.

One thing that was slightly surprising to me is that certain colors seem to have an earthy, herbal smell. It’s not super strong, but it can be noticeable. Of course, there are tons of natural and herbal ingredients in the colors to promote healthy lips, so I guess it would make sense.

Applying the 3 steps

The application process for Lip Ink differs slightly from Lipsense and is part of why I was so skeptical at first.

  1. Cleanse your lips with the Off remover to start with a clean slate
  2. Rub a little bit of the moisturizer into your lips and let it soak in
  3. Apply up to 3 layers of liquid lip color
  4. Apply more moisturizer over the top

The first step totally made sense to me, but the second step? Apply moisturizer BEFORE the color? I thought there was no way that would work out because how would the color stay on?

But it totally does work! And it makes the application process so much more comfortable. Your lips start out hydrated and stay that way.

And when you’re ready to take the color off at the end of the day, the Off remover actually works really well. It’s pretty quick and gentle and doesn’t require a ton of harsh scrubbing to get everything off your lips. Contrast that with Lipsense where I basically have to scrub off an entire layer of skin to get the color off before going to sleep.

Healthy Ingredients

  • natural
  • organic
  • vegan
  • kosher

All Lip Ink cosmetics are free of wax, animal fat, cholesterol, glycols, parabens and preservatives. The Lip Ink moisturizer doesn’t even contain any synthetic beeswax, which Lipsense glosses do contain. When any kind of wax is included in a cosmetic formula, it needs full spectrum preservatives to minimize bacteria growth. But Lip Ink has formulated their lip products with natural ingredients, so there is no beeswax or synthetic wax, which means that no preservatives are necessary.

The Liquid Lip Color is made from over 40 herbs, botanicals, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural sun filters, and FDA approved pigments, all in a flavored 190 proof natural corn grain alcohol.

The ingredients work together to guarantee a 100% smearproof lip color and also nourish and soothe your lips at the same time.

You can get free lip colors!

Lip Ink as a company prides itself on being environmentally friendly. Following along these lines, they offer a recycling program.

The coolest part is it even allows you to earn free product.

When you send them back any 4 empty Lip Ink vials (the regular sized ones) to be recycled, then you can choose a Liquid Lip Color to receive for free. You can do this once per year.

Good for the environment AND free product?! Yes please!!

The second way to get a free lip color is by spending $145 when you shop online. For each order that you place that is $145 or more, you will also receive an extra free tube of Liquid Lip Color.

Really cool additional products

Lip Ink offers so many really fun things that you can pair with the liquid lip colors!

There are toner colors that you can layer over or under the regular lip colors to dampen or brighten them.

And then there are “magic” powders that you can use to give your color a sparkly or metallic finish and create some really cool highlights.

And possibly my favorite of all, is flavored moisturizers! Most of them are some variation of mint (Chocolate Mint, Pineapple Mint, Wintergreen Mint, etc), but they all sound amazing! I got the Coconut Mint and it smells delicious, but isn’t overly strong either.

The company

So here’s the thing that really differentiates Lip Ink from Lipsense. It’s not an mlm.

I know there are lots of people out there that steer clear of mlm companies and products at all costs. So if you are one of those, then Lip Ink is really the best smearproof lip product out there.

That isn’t really a factor for me personally, but I do like what Lip Ink stands for as a company.

Lip Ink was created by Rose Nichols in 1995 and everything is handcrafted in California. They formulate all of their products to be healthy and good for you.

The liquid lip color is also widely used by celebrities in Hollywood, so I was kind of surprised that I hadn’t heard about it until recently.

(And everything is actually In Stock on their website!!!)

Final verdict

I am thrilled to have found out about and tried Lip Ink and I will definitely be buying more of their products and colors (actually, I have already placed another large order before even finishing this post!).

I think Lip Ink is so much more comfortable to wear all day long. My lips are easier to keep hydrated and the moisturizer feels really nice and not heavy or goopy.

Unfortunately, Lip Ink’s website makes it a bit difficult to see how the colors will turn out in real life. They have a page of suggested color combinations for layering to get some really cool colors, but there aren’t pictures of examples of those. That’s one benefit of Lipsense…the distributors tend to have tons of pictures all over Facebook of the lip colors on real people.

I still love the Lipsense products that I have and will most likely continue to use them as well, but I think I will be more likely to shop Lip Ink first for new colors.

And I am definitely planning on taking advantage of that recycling program to get new colors for free!

Check out Lip Ink for yourself at their official website

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