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Night Pillow Review: The best silk pillowcase for your hair and skin

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if a purchase is made, but that does not affect the price. However, my review and opinions are entirely my own and I purchased this pillow at full price.


Rewind back to last Christmas… and imagine my surprise when I open up a sleek looking pillow carefully gift wrapped by my husband!

It was the sexy black NIGHT pillow that is supposed to be self-adjusting, anti-aging and moisturizing. Umm, hello pillow of my dreams!

(ok, I may have specifically asked him to get me this pillow)

(aaand I may have even wrapped it myself… but my parents were going to be there and we had to make it look like we tried to surprise each other) 😛

Regardless, I was really excited to get to try the NIGHT pillow out. They make some pretty tempting claims at and I really wanted to see if this pillow would hold up to them.

It’s pretty darn expensive, but since they have a 101-night guarantee, I figured it was worth a try. And if it really did what it claimed to do, then that money could be well worth it.


Price: $150 for Standard/Queen, $200 for King

Pros: looks sleek & sexy, works for all sleeping positions, great for your skin and hair, made in the USA

Cons: expensive, not everyone loves the feel of memory foam

Pillow Composition: hypoallergenic polyurethane memory foam fill

Pillow Case Composition: 95% mulberry silk / 5% spandex

Return Policy: Try it for 101 nights. They offer free returns and a 100% refund if you don’t love it.

Where to Buy It: Get 20% off your first order at NIGHT or get it from Amazon with Prime shipping



I have never consistently used a foam pillow before and I generally like my pillows fairly thin. (Sometimes I would even ditch my pillow entirely)

Night says they make their memory foam lighter and airier than others so it better self-adjusts to different sleep positions.

I didn’t actually love using the Night pillow at first because my head was more elevated than I was used to, but I decided to at least try it out for 2 weeks to see whether or not I would get used to it.

Now, I can’t imagine sleeping on anything else. When I lay down, it’s like melting into a buttery cloud that perfectly cradles my head and neck.

I tend to mush my head down into it a bit at first too, so my head sinks down to a more comfortable angle for me.

Since I roll around a lot, it’s great that the foam gives slightly differently when I’m on my back versus on my side.

On their website, they claim that the Night pillow helps you sleep more deeply because it is all black and it negates light. I’m really not so sure about that part since there really isn’t any light in the room when I am sleeping anyways.


The pillowcase is made of 95% mulberry silk, which happens to be the highest quality silk available. This type of silk is 100% natural, odorless and it has a protein called sercin that makes it hypoallergenic.

So you might think, why is it not 100% silk? Why the spandex? This is actually part of the beauty in the Night pillow’s design.

Since the pillow case stretches taught over the pillow and zips shut, it doesn’t bunch up and move around while you are sleeping.

And the benefit of that?

No pillow case wrinkles to crease your face while you’re sleeping!! Aaagghh, I like can’t even get over how brilliant that simple feature is.

Another great benefit to your skin is that the silk won’t strip away moisture from your face as much as cotton does. Silk also won’t soak in any creams that you applied right before going to sleep. If beauty product ends up on the Night pillow case, it stays on top so it actually ends up being redistributed on your face.

Like seriously!  Your nice skin care products should be working on your face all night, not moisturizing your pillow lol.

These 2 skin benefits, no pillow case wrinkles and more moisturizing, were things that I noticed when I woke up the very first morning after sleeping with my Night pillow. I could even feel some remnants of my eye cream under my eyes before I hopped in the shower. That never happened before with cotton pillow cases!

And after using it for a long time, I can say that, without a doubt, the Night pillow has had a remarkably positive effect on my skin. I’m pretty certain it has even contributed to helping me get rid of my acne.


The high-quality silk in the pillow case is also great for your hair because it won’t strip away your hair’s natural oils. Also, it’s smooth, slick texture doesn’t cause as much breakage as cotton can.

This one was a bit harder for me to tell if the pillow was actually making any difference. My hair is incredibly dry and it’s very long so there is always some damage going on anyways.

I also haven’t been using any nighttime treatments in my hair.

But once I finally got a hair cut to get rid of the damage on the ends, it did seem to stay healthier longer while I have been using the Night pillow.

What I did notice, is that I had far fewer eyelash extensions falling out when I used the Night pillow. Today, I no longer have the extensions, but it was very noticeable when I still had them. With a cotton pillow case, I always had a couple extensions fall out at night, but that rarely happened with the silk pillow case.

Caring for the Night pillow

The pillowcase zips off and then you can toss it right in the washing machine, so it’s super easy to take care of. Wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle.

I use the Delicate Wash detergent from The Laundress to wash my pillow case once a week.

After washing, it can go in the dryer on low heat.

It can also be ironed, but I really don’t know why you would need to do that. It doesn’t really wrinkle with the spandex in it and because it fits so snuggly over the actual pillow.

The memory foam pillow itself cannot go in the washer though. But it can be spot cleaned if needed.


If it was just based on comfort, I wouldn’t find the price of this pillow to be worth it. Sure, it’s comfortable, but I wasn’t really having a problem with that before.

Where I really think it shines is the skin benefits. I have seen such a difference in my own skin since using the pillow, that I’m absolutely obsessed with it.

Serious. My husband tried to use it one night and I went into full-blown NOPE mode.

My skin is retaining moisture over night better, my skin care products are working better and I don’t wake up with weird lines on my face.

I use fairly expensive skin care products, so I love knowing that my pillow is helping them to work even better.

So I highly recommend this pillow for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It’s a great way to take care of your skin and hair and really make sure you get that “beauty sleep”!

Get 20% off your first order at NIGHT

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  1. Alice

    Who wouldn’t want to sleep on a comfy pillow that does not only take care of your face but also your hair?

    Having a comfortable pillow should give me a very goodnight rest especially nowadays that I am working 12-hour shifts. The only thing that keeps me energized aside from eating a healthy meal is having a goodnight sleep. I love to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night. I actually had to change pillows several times because I just couldn’t find the perfect one for me, a pillow that won’t strain my neck or messes my hair.

    I would love to have one and even though it’s quite costly, I believe it’s gonna be worth it. I’ll definitely be looking into it. Thanks for recommending it.

    1. Kiersten

      The Night pillow is quite an investment! I’ve found I’m actually spending less money on restorative hair care though, so in the long run, it has kind of saved me money in that aspect.

  2. Michelle

    Great article in great review. I had never really considered what type of pillowcase I was using. My daughter and I have a habit of going to sleep with Noxzema on our faces. It really has given us beautiful skin over the years. So we just kind of have the pillow cases that we use to sleep on with that on our faces or we lay a particular tile on the pillow case but thank you so much for this informative article. We will have to figure something out. Excellent work.

    1. Kiersten

      Thank you! Yes, nighttime is the best time for your skincare to do it’s job and most types of silk just help it to be more effective. 🙂

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