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The Best Non-Greasy Hand Cream For Daily Use

Since I am constantly battling dry skin, I have to be super vigilant about using a hand cream.

I’m talking every morning, every night. And really, I should be using it after every time I wash my hands. (I’m still not the best at that, but I’m getting better)

Because of my desperation, I have tried out A LOT of hand creams. I’ve tried fancy expensive ones, cheap ones, all-natural concoctions, plain coconut oil, you name it.

And my absolute favorite for fun, daily use is the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes from Perfectly Posh.

*I do not work for Perfectly Posh and am not a consultant for them or affiliated with them in any way. I also did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I purchased all of the hand creams myself and just truly love this stuff.

It’s the best non-greasy hand cream because…

perfectly posh big fat yummy hand cream reviewThese hand creams provide the perfect balance between soaking into your hands quickly and providing lasting moisture.

Seriously, I put this on my hands as my very last “getting ready” step before work and by the time I’m out the door, it’s all soaked in.

You won’t be left with any weird residue smearing around the top of your skin because it all absorbs very well.

The ingredients are top-notch, they smell amazing and they are just plain fun to buy and use.

And the price is great – these hand creams are only $9!

That said, I don’t find it to be quite enough for me by itself in the middle of winter. I live in a super dry climate, so I use a heavier cream at night to prevent my hands from cracking.

But the Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes are still always my go-to for daytime use.

Amazing Ingredients

Perfectly Posh is serious about their ingredients. They use all sorts of good-for-you ingredients and leave all of the bad stuff out. And their products are entirely cruelty-free since they never test on animals.

These are some of the ingredients in the hand creams that make them work so well:

best non-greasy hand creamApricot Kernel Oil

Apricot kernel oil is a very light oil that makes your skin soft because it is very emollient. Since the oil is so light, it easily soaks in and penetrates deep into your skin. That’s why these lotions soak in so fast, but keep your hands moisturized for hours.

It also has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, so it’s really quite healthy to use on your hands. And it’s a great ingredient for sensitive skin since apricot kernel oil is non-irritating.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps your skin retain moisture by preventing moisture loss through your pores. It also helps soften skin, so if your hands are calloused or rough, this can help get them back to being dainty and soft!

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential to keep your skin healthy and allow it to repair itself easily. It also does a lot to prevent your skin from cracking. As someone with persistent dry skin, that is hugely beneficial to me.

It also prevents early aging and wrinkling. Our hands get a lot of sunshine and exposure to the elements when we are out and about, so it’s really important to use hand creams that address that.

The scents!

The names are cute. Seriously, check them out! They are whimsical, cheeky and flirty. Sometimes I buy them just because I love the name haha.

But the scent combinations are so fun and fresh too. And the scent actually lingers!

So I find myself sniffing my hands sometimes throughout the day and coworkers might think I’m a bit odd. But not really! Because everyone also knows that I’m the lady with all the amazing hand creams on her desk.

And my favorite thing about the scents is that Perfectly Posh comes out with new ones often! They are always rotating fun things in and out of the lineup. Which is smart because it keeps me coming back to buy more. (See the picture at the top of this blog post? Those are all mine lol)

Ultra-portable size

These little bottles of bliss are small enough to keep everywhere.perfectly posh big fat yummy hand cream

In the bathroom at home or your nightstand might be obvious ones.

But what about in your purse. The car. On your desk at work. In the kitchen!

Since they only cost $9, and let’s face it, there are so many scents that you will want more than one anwyays, then get a bunch and stash them all over the place.

That way, you have no excuse to let your hands dry out! I like to be prepared in a variety of ways and having creams “on hand” is essential for me.

And get this – The tubes are 3 fluid ounces, so you know what that means?!

You can take them through TSA and carry them on a plane.

Get the best discount

Last season’s scents often go on sale, so I often see hand creams for $5-6. You can find those in the Retired products.

When you buy 5 products from Perfectly Posh, the 6th product is free. This seems to exclude items priced $6 and under as well as the Retired products.

Also, you are most definitely going to want to sign up for a free Perks account. Perks are just rewards points from purchases (think Sephora’s Beauty Insider points).

You get 10 Perks points for every $1 spent (hand creams cost 900 points) and the really nice thing about Perks is you can use them as a partial discount if you don’t have enough to redeem for a full free product.

So go here to pick up a Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme from Perfectly Posh (or 5 so you can get the 6th free!)

And let me know what your favorite scent is in the comments below!

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  1. I am a big fan of Coco nut oil and think it is a perfect ingredient for a hand creme.
    I also use it for oil pulling. Every morning I take a bit in my mouth and walk around for some 15 to 20 min. Then you spit it out and rinse. It has taken all the bad bacteria and doing this will greatly improve your gums. It is always good to have products as natural as possible.

    Regards, Taetske

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