the best way to apply toner

This little known secret is the best way to apply toner

How do you apply your toner right now?

I bet it’s with either a cotton ball or a cotton round.

Although some people try to pour it in their hand, and then there was me as a teenager…

When I used to use Proactiv, I would fold up a square of toilet paper to apply my toner because I could never remember to go get actual cotton rounds.

When I finally wised up and started regularly using cotton rounds to apply my toner, I got so frustrated because I would always be left with little tiny wisps of cotton on my face.

No matter how hard I tried, I felt like I could never get them all off. I would pick tiny bits of cotton off my skin, rub in my moisturizer and find even more cotton bits as I rubbed it around.

I actually got so frustrated with the cotton that I stopped using toner entirely for a long time. It just wasn’t worth it to me to fight with cotton residue every single day and night.

That is, until I finally found the best way to apply toner…

Use gauze pads!

I learned this from some dermatologists.

Guys, this is such a ridiculously simple swap and it makes life a million times easier.

I’m talking absolutely NO annoying fluffies and cotton residue left on your skin.

And it will actually save you money too because you will use less toner. The gauze pads don’t soak in liquid quite the same way as cotton rounds, so more of it actually ends up on your face.

I remember having to resoak my cotton pads 2-3 times with toner to get it all over my face evenly. With gauze pads, I only have to apply the toner once and I can wipe it over my entire face without a problem.

On average, you can end up using 40-50% less toner with a gauze pad than with a cotton round and up to 70% less toner than using a cotton ball.

Still 100% cotton

The gauze pads are actually 100% cotton just like cotton balls and cotton rounds, so you can feel just as good about using them on your delicate facial skin. They’re not made out of anything weird.

The secret is in how they’re made. The cotton is woven or pressed together in a way that keeps the fibers from falling out, so you don’t get lint and fuzzies all over.

Now you don’t have to splurge for surgical grade gauze pads. Those are guaranteed to be absolutely sterile and are way overkill for just daily toner application. Pick up some standard gauze pads at your local drug store or online. You should be able to find them in packs of 120-200 for just a few dollars.

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