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What is Makeup Eraser? I didn’t believe all the Original MakeUp Eraser reviews (so I tried it myself)

I’ve actually been interested in trying out a makeup eraser cloth for a while, but was so skeptical that I kept putting it off. Reviews on Amazon seem pretty mixed. And I really didn’t know if I believed that a cloth alone could remove my makeup well enough to bother using it.

But I was really interested because it is extremely important to remove all of your makeup (or any other dirt/oil/residue) before using your skin care regimen. That way, your cleanser product can actually penetrate your pores to truly cleanse your skin.

I have been using Clinique’s Take the Day Off to remove my makeup, which has been great because it is gentle, quick, and very effective. However, I have always been a little bit worried about whether or not any oily residue leftover from it was preventing my acne cleanser from being as effective as possible.

So after thinking about it for way too long, I finally went and ordered a cloth from The Original MakeUp Eraser site.

What is a makeup eraser?

makeup eraser

A makeup eraser is a specially made cloth that claims to remove all of your makeup without using cleansers or oils. All you need is the cloth and water!

It’s not a microfiber cloth. Totally different. It’s 100% polyester, and apparently, the secret is in how that polyester is woven.

There are several brands out there, but the most popular seems to be The Original MakeUp Eraser, which is what I ended up buying.

One side of the cloth has a shorter weave and is the side that removes makeup. The other side (with the tag) is meant for gentle exfoliation and drying.

Before using it

Since the fibers were almost definitely flattened in the packaging, the cloth does need to be washed before you first use it. This will help “perk up” the threads.

Actually, it should be washed before first use anyways. You have no idea where that cloth was in a warehouse before it got packaged. Don’t put things on your face without making sure they are clean first!!

Luckily, the makeup eraser can be tossed right in the laundry with whatever detergent you usually use. And then it can go right in the dryer.

Nothing special. Super easy.

Removing my makeup

To use the makeup eraser, the instructions say to just get it wet and then wipe your face in a gentle circular motion.

The cloth is seriously so soft and I was totally doubting that it would remove much, especially my mascara.

And because it’s made of polyester, the water kind of runs right off it, so I had to hold the cloth under running water and squeeze it at the same time to get the water to soak into it.

And then I wiped….

And holy cow! Some of my foundation actually came off!

But that was the easy part. What about the mascara? And would it actually remove all of the foundation or just some of it?

To my surprise, the makeup eraser actually took my mascara off too. Now granted, I don’t use waterproof mascara because it’s so hard on eyelashes and I like to keep mine healthy and long. But I was still shocked to see the makeup eraser take my regular mascara off.

toner gauze test

I didn’t even have to rub super hard or pull at my eyes. It did take a minute since it didn’t all come off with the first swipe, but it was actually pretty easy.

Once I felt like I was finished “erasing” all of my makeup, I figured it was time to really put this to the test.

So I grabbed a gauze pad and wiped it across my face, expecting to see some makeup residue. And….nothing! I’m dead serious. I even put some toner on the gauze pad and wiped across my face again. And there was no more makeup left to come off. The gauze pad was totally clean!

My final verdict

I have been turned from a total skeptic to an enthusiastic believer on this one. It really works!

The MakeUp Eraser does remove my makeup and I feel like it is very gentle on my skin. It’s quick, easy to use, and I now consider it the very best way to get my face ready for using my full skin care regimen.

It’s also pretty economical over the long run since the cloth will last several years. Contrast that with shelling out for the Clinique that I was using a couple of times in a single year!

I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to buy one. And even then, once it showed up at my house, it took my about 2 weeks to finally try it. Now I’m practically kicking myself for not trying it out sooner because it actually works very well and solves my dilemma of using an oil-based makeup remover.

The only catch is that I wish I had ordered several of the mini sized cloths instead of the full-sized one.

It claims to not collect odor and bacteria so that it doesn’t have to be washed after every use. But I’m not willing to take chances with acne-prone skin. I use a washcloth once before it goes in the laundry and suggest others do the same.

So for me to use it every night, I either have to do laundry every day or stock up on a lot of them and the full-sized cloths definitely aren’t that cheap as far as washcloths go.

So I wish I had purchased the mini size in a set of 3 or 4 from the beginning. Although, now that Makeup Eraser has proven its worth to me, I will definitely be buying those minis.

Where to purchase

The cloths can be purchased directly from MakeUp Eraser’s website. A full-size cloth runs $20.

But like I said, I would rather get the mini size cloths. A mini size costs $12 alone, but is discounted when you buy a 3 or 4 pack.

Interestingly enough, the 3-packs seem to be the best deal since each mini makeup eraser ends up costing about $9.33 (where the 4-packs cost $10 each cloth)

Do you wear makeup daily? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Lids

    Okay, so I do not wear make up everyday, but I am a cosplayer and that means when I do wear make up I wear a good amount to make my features camera ready. But I was wondering if you have had a chance to use the cloth on water proof make up? I use exclusively waterproof products to reduce the need for me to touch up the make up if I change costumes or wear it for a long time. Plus I mostly go to conventions with pool photo ops! Thank you by the way! This post is very excellent!

    1. Kiersten

      That’s awesome that you do cosplay!! I haven’t used the makeup eraser on waterproof products yet since I don’t have any on hand. But if I ever end up with some, especially mascara, then I will definitely be updating this review. Thanks for mentioning that!

  2. fuf

    l love make up but at the night l struggle to remove it.I have been using coconut oil but it makes my skin rough the next morning and l hope your idea will work for me.thank you

    1. Ah yes, coconut oil can be quite comedogenic as well, so it can clog pores very easily. While coconut oil can be great for some people, it can be very aggravating to acne-prone skin. 🙂

  3. Thea A

    Wow I have never heard of that before but a Makeup Eraser seems like something I should be adding to my makeup kit!

    How does it fare after washing? Will soap etc effect it? Is it good for sensitive skin?

    It seems like it will save so much money, that’s great for my pocket.

    1. Kiersten

      The cloth produced a very tiny amount of lint after washing, but it seems to be holding up great. The manufacturer says it can be washed with whatever detergent you currently use, so that’s what I have been doing.

      It’s very soft, so I think it’s great for sensitive skin. My skin can get sensitive sometimes as I’m using an acne regimen currently and the cloth didn’t seem to aggravate any sensitivity at all.

      Thanks for stopping by Thea!

  4. roamy

    Hi there
    As someone too tired in the evening after a long day at work, im pleased to read your makeup eraser review seeing that you have given it thumbs up.
    I have a sensitive skin so I do want to use makeup removers that will not irritate my skin but at the same time can remove makeup well.
    The price of 3 packs for $9.33 seems quite reasonable to me if im getting a product that will give me the results I want.
    Before I can have the pleasure of trying this brilliant product I`d like to know from you if they ship out of USA and Canada, asking because im not a very experienced online shopper but in my short period shopping online, I have come to know that some companies do not ship to some countries.
    Thanks once again for sharing.

    1. Kiersten

      It doesn’t look like the direct website ships outside of the US currently, but the cloths can also be purchased from Sephora and Amazon!

  5. Eliane

    I’m not an expert on makeup and I had never heard of Makeup Eraser Cloth. So, needless to say, that I found your review very helpful.

    The fact that it can be washed and reused, lasting for several years is a very positive aspect.

    I’m thinking about ordering some for my daughters and myself. I’m just wondering what the dimensions of the full-size and the mini-size are.

    Would you have that information?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Kiersten

      Thanks Elaine! Yes, the full size makeup eraser is 7″ x 16″ and the mini size is 3″ x 6″

  6. Darmendra

    I can not believe you just need this cloth and water to remove your makeup. I am in shock!
    I think if this really works I should give it a try as it can be smoother with my skin and cheaper than buying all the products to remove my makeup.
    I just have a question. Is this product shipped to any country in the world or only in some countries?

    Thanks for the tip.

    1. Kiersten

      I know!! I got one totally expecting to do a negative review and was completely caught off guard when it actually worked haha.

      I believe the manufacturer used to ship internationally, but when I go to the website, it only gives me the option to enter a US address (however, I’m not 100% if that is because I already have an account for the purchase that I made). I have submitted a question to the manufacturer to ask about international shipping and will provide an update once they get back to me.

      If not from the manufacturer, these can be found through Sephora and Amazon internationally though.

      1. It looks like the manufacturer does not ship outside the US themselves yet.

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