What is the new Rodan and Fields product for 2017?

Rodan + Fields is a premium skin care line with a track record of releasing high-demand products. For the #1 fastest growing skin care brand in the US over the last 6 years, it comes as no surprise that new product launches are exciting events that deliver innovative products to millions of eager customers.

In October of 2016, it was Lash Boost. An eyelash serum promising lashes that look longer, darker and thicker with one swipe each night. Even with a public launch so late in the year, Lash Boost doubled the sales volume of the most well-known mascara in 2016. That kind of demand is insane! And the real results from customers were even more impressive.

So what’s new this year for 2017?

Active Hydration Serum

In early spring of 2017, Active Hydration Serum was launched. There was so much excitement over the new product that it crashed all of the servers for the live launch event. It was so insane that the event had to be recorded and streamed the next day.

The serum can be added in to your current skin care routine to hydrate your skin to its optimal moisture level. Rodan + Fields actually created an entirely new patent-pending molecular matrix that allows them to use 30% glycerin in the formula while still allowing it to be lightweight. (Most other serums can’t contain more than 5% glycerin without being unbearably sticky). The glycerin, combined with hyaluronic acid, draws in moisture from the atmosphere for continuous hydration all day long.

Because of it’s entirely innovative formulation and the fact that it self-adjusts to any type of skin, the hydration serum has already proved to be a big winner for the company this year. There literally isn’t anything else like it out on the market right now.

Active Hydration Serum retails for $108, but it’s super easy to get it at a discount. Preferred customers can get it for $97 with free shipping and consultants can get it for just $81.

Intensive Renewing Serum

At October’s convention, the doctors announced Intensive Renewing Serum.

As dermatologists, the doctors often prescribed Vitamin A for a variety of skin concerns, including anti-aging. Unfortunately, the Vitamin A was harsh on the skin and caused a lot of irritation so many patients never ended up getting their refills. So they thought, what if….there was an ingredient with all the benefits of Vitamin A, but gentle enough for even sensitive skin to use?

Well they took the idea to their research and development team who turned the ingredient retinal into something entirely new.

They created retinal. A retinol molecule with an extra hydrogen. It ends up being 20x more effective than retinol and works faster and smarter without irritating the skin.

Retinal is the closest ingredient to Vitamin A without needing a prescription.

The incredible thing is that it has been clinically proven to show visible anti-aging results in just 4 weeks.

So why has no one else ever done this before if it’s such a subtle molecular difference? Well no one else has figured out how to stabilize the molecule before now.

The Intensive Renewing Serum replaces the old Night Renewing Serum. But users of the serum don’t need to worry because you will still be able to get the same results, just even better and faster.

And the cool thing is that Intensive Renewing Serum can be used with ANY Rodan + Fields regimen.

AMP MD Roller 2.0

The micro-exfoliating roller has also been completely reengineered.

The micro needles are all precision laser cut. The handle has been redesigned. And it can be both stored and cleaned in a single case that protects the needles.

Micro needling helps to exfoliate the skin and break through the top layer of dead skin cells so your serums and other skin care products can more effectively penetrate the skin.

Bright Eyes Complex

Rodan + Fields also launched a brand new eye cream in October that targets dark circles and puffiness.

A study was done showing that intensive moisturization can speed up the reversal of bruising discoloration and that got the company’s wheels turning. As it turns out, they already have a unique and ultra-effective way to hydrate skin and add moisture.

Bright Eyes Complex uses the company’s proprietary active hydration serum to attract much needed moisture to the eye area all day long.

This eye cream is for anyone who is tired and overworked. Basically, all of America.

How is it different from the existing Multi-Function Eye Cream? Bright Eyes Complex is for dark circles and puffiness while the Multi-Function Eye Cresm is for wrinkles and loss of firmness. They can even be used together as a power duo.

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