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clearly glowing kierstenHi, my name is Kiersten.

My skincare journey has been a loooong one. I’ve always had very dry skin. So when I started to get horrible acne as a teenager, it was really hard for me to treat it.

The strong anti-acne products dried out my skin so much that it would burn and hurt to touch. I remember standing in my bathroom crying a lot because I had to choose each day between trying to get my acne under control or turning my face into a painful mess.

I tried all sorts of antibiotics, birth control pills, prescription grade retinol creams.  I visited multiple dermatologists.

Nothing worked.

I eventually gave up hoping that I would grow out of it.

Well that didn’t happen either.

My acne persisted into my adult years and now I had one more issue to throw in the mix – anti-aging.  Or preventive-aging at least.

My mom had been vigilant her whole life about using high-quality skincare products that kept her skin from aging.  As a result, most people assumed we were sisters by the time I turned 19.  (And they still do!!)

So by that point, I needed to address my adult acne, super dry skin AND anti-aging. ….Great.

My acne actually did calm down a bit as an adult, but it never went away completely and would sometimes flare up.

I turned to natural and organic products.  They were just expensive and didn’t seem to do all that much for me.

Next, I turned to a minimalistic approach to skincare. Mostly because I was sick and tired of trying so hard and spending a lot of money on products that were mediocre and best.

Finally, one of my friends introduced me to a brand of skin care that she had been using. I was hesitant to give it a shot because it was created by the same doctors that made Proactive. I had used Proactive as a teenager and it turned out to be WAY too harsh for my skin.

But the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee (even if you return empty bottles), so I figured it was worth a shot.

I started with the Soothe regimen because I was more concerned about treating my dry skin before treating the acne.

And holy cow!  It was the first line of products that actually blew me away!

My first time trying the Soothe regimen was at night and I actually woke up the next morning with a sensation of moisture in my face.  After just one use!

I was immediately hooked.

So here I am, a young adult with a quest for clear, glowing skin and a desire to maintain it’s smoothness and elasticity as long as possible.I’m also addicted to spray tans, so I’m always concerned about what products to use and avoid that will affect my faux glow.

I’m also addicted to spray tans, so I’m always concerned about what products to use and avoid that will affect my faux glow.

I’m here to share the products, methods and regimens that have worked for me. I aim to share products that provide fair value, meaning they provide great results for the cost.

And I hope to help and guide you along your skincare journey to uncover (and keep) the very best skin of your life.

If you ever have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to ask.  Also, if any of the topics particularly interest you, go ahead and get involved in a discussion.  I love talking with other people, and I think we can all learn from each other.

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