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Life After Eyelash Extensions – One Two Lash Magnetic Lash Review

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I first got a full set of eyelash extensions a couple of months before my wedding. Once they were on, I instantly fell in love.

They were so full, dark and perfectly curled ALL the time. I didn’t have to do a thing except go back for a 1.5 hour fill every 2 weeks.

I woke up with perfect lashes. I got out of the shower with perfect lashes. I could sit in the hot tub and not have to worry about running mascara.

I could wake up late and quickly run out of the house and still feel pretty and feminine because my eyelashes were still perfect.

The doubts

However, I did worry about the long-term health of my eyelashes. I always wondered how much damage I was causing, even though I was reassured that it was fine since I was having them applied properly.

They were also pretty darn expensive.

I was paying $140 each month for my fills (and that was actually pretty cheap for my area)

And the worst part was I was starting to have reactions to the glue after fills. Occasionally, not all the time, one of my eyes would end up wicked red, itchy and very painful for about 4 days.

Eventually, after investing in my eyelashes for a year and a half, I decided to cut that expense from our budget.

Life after eyelash extensions

When I finally made the decision to have my eyelash extensions removed, I cried.

I was so scared that I was going to feel ugly without them.

I already had an eyelash serum ready to use. I had seen how big my friend Suzie’s lashes had gotten from using the serum, so I had a lot of confidence that it would work well and help me be more satisfied with my natural lashes.

The only problem was…it was going to take 2-3 months to see really noticeable results. And I really wasn’t looking forward to waiting that long, especially coming from the luscious extensions.

But I had already made up my mind.

So I removed what was left of my lash extensions 3 weeks after my last fill by loosening them up with coconut oil. And I cried.

from extensions to bare lashes

I looked in the mirror and my face felt so bare. My real lashes were shorter than I remembered (they must have been falling out much faster with the extensions on).

I put on some mascara (Buxom lash) and was horrified at how little it did to improve what I was staring at.

I felt like I had made a horrible, terrible mistake and was wondering if I should book a $300 full-set application ASAP.

And that’s when I remembered that I had ordered a totally confidence-saving product in preparation for this exact moment.

Magnetic lashes to the rescue

Shortly after I had my very last lash fill, I stumbled upon a company called One Two Cosmetics.

They offer reusable false lashes that stay on with magnets. No glue. Nothing permanent. You can use them when and how you want.

It’s actually a pretty brilliant product.

So back to standing in front of the mirror with my naked lashes…

I put on my magnetic lashes and instantly felt so much relief.

My lashes were NOT up to par after taking the extensions out, but I could pop these lash strips on in an instant and have fuller, longer lashes

bare lashes versus magnetic lashes

How they work

One Two lashes are little falsie strips with a tiny magnet at the base.

You apply mascara to your own lashes first, then put one strip on top of your lashes and a second strip underneath your lashes. The magnets snap together and hold the strips firmly together, hugging your natural lashes.

There are a few different options:eyelash extensions versus one two magnetic lashes

  • Original for daily wear
  • Bold for an even longer and fuller dramatic look
  • Accent to lift the very outer corners of your lash line
  • Filler to fill in any gaps

A box from One Two lash actually comes with 8 strips, so you have backups if you lose some. They also might wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced. But still, compared to the cost of extensions, they are very affordable.

To remove the lash strips, you just slide the magnets apart. Super easy!


My take on them

eyelash extensions versus one two magnetic lashesThe magnets are stronger than I expected, so they take a couple of tries to get the hang of putting them on, but they are easy to get used to.

After a few minutes, I can’t even tell that I have them on.

I used the Original lashes and they are light and fluttery, but still make my eyes pop a lot more than they would by themselves.

The strips aren’t super long – they only cover the outer half of my lash line on each side. It’s enough to provide extra volume and length while still looking very natural. But coming from the extensions, I do wish they provided volume over more of my eye.

So far, I haven’t had any fall out while wearing them because they stay put really well and don’t budge. But I did almost lose one the first time I tried to apply them because I dropped a strip and had the hardest time finding where it fell.

As quickly as I fell in love with my extensions once upon a time, I fell in love with my magnetic lashes. And I am, for real, super grateful that they were invented.

They are my ultimate secret tool for transitioning off the eyelash extensions without losing my mind.

Where to get your own magnetic lashes

Order them straight from One Two Cosmetics since they provide a 60-day warranty. You can try them out and, if you hate them, send them right back and get a full refund. And shipping is free!

Click here to get 10% off your entire purchase at One Two Cosmetics

Have you ever had your eyelash extensions removed? Or do you still have extensions in? Feel free to share your own experience in the comments!

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  1. Stephanie Barclay

    I was traumatized after removing my extensions. I had nothing left! I have been eyeing these magnetic lashes but wasn’t sure how I felt about them. I might give it a shot.

    1. Yeah, there were so so many tears! I was pretty hesitant about these since they aren’t exactly cheap, but I figured it was worth a shot with their return policy. My husband actually told me today that they look more natural than the extensions did, so I guess I’ll be hanging on to them lol.

    2. Finn

      I totally get you – I only had my extensions on for a month and they began to fall off. Scarier – my lashes fell off with them. Gross. I was told that my eyelashes were too “weak” to hold the lashes and that’s why my lashes fell out. I wish they told me that before I shelled out all that $$$$.

      I hope these work for you. I’m still on the fence. I think I’m waiting for the “Original” lashes and “Bold” lashes to have babies and get a set that takes the best of both worlds.

  2. Cristina Allen

    I have very sensitive eyes and was wanting to get away from wearing mascara. Will these still work if I don’t apply mascara?

    1. Hi Cristina, the lashes don’t really cover the full length of most people’s eyelids…they generally cover about half of the eyelid. They will still work as they don’t need mascara to stay on or anything, but the inner half of your lash line wouldn’t have any color unless you used two pairs on each eye. They also sell some smaller filler strips that could be used on the inner half as well, but would take more time to apply.

  3. I clicked on a link to get 10%off my One two order but there was no coupon code to enter at checkout. How do I get the 10%off

    1. Hi Sheree,
      One Two Cosmetics originally told me that the link for the coupon would be good through the end of June, but they have discontinued their referral program and that coupon early. I’ll need to update the post since the coupon is no longer valid. Sorry about that!

  4. Mica

    Hey Kiersten!
    Thanks for your review about one two lashes, Ive been debating trying them and now im going to do it and im really excited!! On the bottom of your page it says I could save 10%. How does that work? I clicked on the link and it just takes me to the website. Do you have a referral code or something to use?

    1. Hi Mica, One Two Cosmetics originally told me the referral link would be good through the end of June, but it looks like they have discontinued their referral program early and the coupon along with that. I’ll need to update this post. Sorry about that!

  5. Arielle

    Thank you so much for this review, Kiersten. The pictures are enormously helpful. I have eyelash extensions now, but allergy season plus reactions to the glue have lead me to explore other options. Your review has definitely been the most helpful compared to others I’ve found, and now that I’ve read it, I think I’m going to give these a shot! THANK YOU!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I hope you love the lashes!

  6. Frans

    Hi Kiersten!

    Thanks for this review! I wanna try these Magnetic Lashes very soon. I bet they are worthit, much cheaper than extension. Btw, you mention a serum. I have a very short lashes, i wanna try that serum also. May i know the name or brand of that serum. Thanks

    1. Hi Frans,
      Yeah, I have saved a ton of money since I had my extensions taken out. Even paying for the lash serum and really nice mascara, I’m still spending a lot less than I was on constant fills.

  7. Denise

    Those extensions looked horrible and really fake.

  8. LaRhonda

    I had extensions for 6 months. The maintenance was out of control as if wake up with them on my pillow, lose them after sweatin it at the gym, lose them in the shower, etc. When I FINALLY removed them, I, too cried. My lashes are finally back after 2 months. I decided today to order the magnetic lashes as I really miss the lush lash look. However, after sending my daughter a message on what she thought, if anything, about this product (she manages a Sephora in Maryland, so her opinion is important to me) and she said a client got them and said taking them off tears your real eyelashes and went back to daisies as they ruined her lashes. Ideas or thoughts on this

    1. I’m glad your lashes have grown back!

      I did wonder about damaging my real lashes too before I started wearing the magnetic lashes. The magnets, while super tiny, are actually surprisingly strong, so they could pull out your real lashes if not removed correctly. I slide the magnets apart sideways, so they go across my lashes instead of pulling them straight out from my eyelid. Then they just lift right off. I haven’t noticed any damage myself, but I’ve been conscious about being very careful with them.

      The only damage I have noticed is to the magnetic strips themselves lol. I wasn’t very careful handling my first set and they got all kinked and messed up fairly quickly.

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